A photo taken at the 2016 Reveille Songwriting Retreat, a collaboration with Soldier Songs and Voices.  Here, a local songwriter helps an Armed Force Veteran write a song about her experience in Iraq.  

We partner with non-profits to create retreats and events that align with their vision and that produce content that represent their organization.  Our goal is that everyone who is involved will be transformed through the process. 

We find peaceful environments, open hearted professionals, and local businesses to support each event.  By inspiring the community to participate and pulling resources from service oriented individuals, the participants are able to receive a sincere safe space to create and heal.  By giving artistic importance to a painful experience, participants are able to share what may have seemed impossible to look at.    

We are part of a growing source of data that supports the understanding of the power that music and art have to heal humans from trauma.

If you have any resources (time, talent, or space) you would like to donate to a future program of ours, please connect with us 



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