Seeds of Music 

Seeds of Music brings the power of live music and touring artists who are out in the world ‘living their dream’ into a school setting.  This unusual and exciting juxtaposition motivates students to dream large about the possibilities for their own future. The resulting sparks of curiosity and engagement are planted as ‘seeds’ within the children we are serving.  

When a touring artist enters a school to share the gift of their music and reflects authentically on what it is like to follow a creative path and the resulting hurdles and challenges they have had to overcome, students gain an invaluable perspective that can be fodder for their own creative growth and expression.

Seeds of Music specifically focuses on creating unique experiences that support and elevate the learning initiatives that the school has put in place.  By co-creating with the school, the resulting events genuinely enhance and nourish the spirit of the school, strengthening the bond between the school and the student body.

In turn, this program impacts the artists traveling through the schools just as much as it impacts the students. Artists who are drawn to this type of work are often extremely empathetic with a strong service ethic.  By engaging with children in learning environments, the artist is organically imbued with a sense of responsibility for these young humans who are our future. Touring artists can’t be full time educators, but this pairing through the Seeds of Music platform gives them the opportunity to directly impart the wisdom of their experience and of the music through the lens of someone who is devoting their life to their creative craft.


One Village Music Project

Songs For Standing Rock

Oct 13-17, 2019

Reveille Songwriting  Retreat



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